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Pola Petro Development (PPD) serves as umbrella organisation providing corporate services to its subsidiaries: PT. Petrotec Air Power (PAP),
PT. Petrotec Rekayasa Dinamika (Petrodyn), Batam fabrication & assembly plant, Cikarang authorised workshop and other strategic business units.

As the industry leader since early 1990, we have successfully accomplished numerous compressed air & gas installations in various manufacturing and process industries, from a medium-size metal-working plants, large-scale textile weaving mills to critical applications in heavily-engineered oil & gas projects.


PPD is affiliated with a developing group of companies : Pola Group. Pola is engaged in diversified businesses, from trading to manufacturing, with total employees of over 1000 persons.

Our Businesses
PT. Petrotec Air Power
Air Compressor, Dryer, & Filter

PT. Petrotec Rekayasa Dinamika
Engineered Products

PT. Smartpack Machinery Indonesia
Packaging Specialist

Company Location
PT. Pola Petro Development

Jl. Kedoya Agave Raya Blok I No.37
Jakarta 11520
Ph : 021-5801543
Fax : 021 - 5804743
Email : support@polapetro.co.id

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